Free Children's Music Lessons

Every child should have access to a muscial education. We offer free music lessons for all children at all skill levels.

Our Mission

To improve the musical skills of every child because every child deserves the right to attain a musical eductaion.

Music Groups

Kids (Free)

Kids (Free)

Our school is a solution for families who would like to expose their children to the world of music.

Teens (Free)

Teens (Free)

Our classes help to develop the skills necessary for music learning and a lifelong enjoyment of music.

Adults (Paid)

Adults (Paid)

We have programs for everyone. In addition to teaching music to children, we instruct adults and seniors.

Private lessons (Paid)

Private lessons (Paid)

Private music lessons provide one-on-one attention, so teachers can focus on an individual student’s needs.

Let's make music!

Enrol your child in our music programme with classes for ages 5-16!

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Musical Instruments

Available classes


It is a musical instrument played using a keyboard.


The guitar is classified as a string instrument.


It is a type of music performed by one or more singers.


Can play by striking with the hand or two sticks.

Learn Music For Free CIC

We have talented and very experienced instructors who teach piano, violin, guitar, singing, drumming, engineering and other instruments.

Next Event


April 2020

An opportunity for the children to showcase what they have learnt over the past months to the elderly community. The elderly community will come out to dance eat and be merry and celebrate with the children.

Latest News

Our Musical Journey
Tama keeps beat alive

Tama keeps beat alive

Having developed his skills working with stalwarts of British reggae, Errol Melbourne wants to now pass his knowledge on to a new generation of...

2020 Music Classes

2020 Music Classes

Learn Music For Free would like to wish everyone Happy Holidays. Classes will resume on Monday 06th January 2020 at 7pm. ACCN, Abberley Street...

Sarah Prescott

Love this and thank you for the opportunity! The children love it

Sarah Prescott / parent
Shamaine Taylor

This is a blessing for our children. Giving thanks.

Shamaine Taylor / parent
Natasha Gordon

My son has been taking singing and guitar lessons. He loves his teachers and I can tell that they really care about my kid too. The music school is wonderful and I highly recommend.

Natasha Gordon / parent